BEGINNER’S GUIDE How To Chose Best Hosting

You plan to create your first site, you are new to WordPress and you do not know where to start? Which host to choose? Is it necessary to buy his theme? Technical terms such as FTP, plugins or localhostscare you?

Do not panic, we’ve all been there and you’re in the right place! We will guide you in your first steps with WordPress. Here you will find explanations and many links to tutorials, to help you install, configure and use WordPress.


Before installing WordPress or

First of all, remember that the management platform of a site hosted by should not be confused with the free installation of WordPress by you at the host of your choice. Here we help you to install WordPress yourself.


How to choose between and
 /, what’s the difference?




And if I want to change?

You are currently self-hosted at but would like to transfer your site to another host to take full advantage of WordPress? These tutorials should help you there.


Migrate from to




How to migrate a blog under to a host?




But then, how does WordPress work?

Before you start


Which host to choose? Free, shared, or dedicated server?

To make WordPress work properly, your web hosting plan must support:


PHP 5.6 or later;

MySQL 5.6 or later or MariaDB 10.0 or later;

Apache module mod_rewrite for URL rewriting;

This information is to check with your host simply. They are usually communicated on their product sheets.

The beginner’s guide to hosting a site with WordPres


WordPress Hosting – How to make the right choice?

Install WordPress on its hosting

One-click installation

You have a host, this one offers the installation “one-click” with Softaculous or other, is this a good solution?

This can be a short-term solution because WordPress will be installed quickly. But in case of concern, troubleshooting will be more complicated.

Install WordPress at OVH: avoid the “module” at all costs!

We recommend the FTP method which ensures you complete control of your settings and will facilitate the repair of your WordPress in case of problems.

What is FTP?

TheĀ  File Transfer Protocol or FTP for short, is a communication protocol between your computer and the servers of your host. It allows to copy, save or delete files in large numbers, from the computer to the server or vice versa.

In order to install WordPress, you need to download software on your computer called an FTP client. There are at least four, free and easy to use, by a system of drag and drop files: FileZilla (Windows, Mac, Linux), CyberDuck (Windows, Mac), WinSCP (Windows) and Transmit (Mac).


When purchasing your hosting space, your hosting provider must have sent you via FTP your FTP credentials, more exactly 3 elements:


The name of the server or host : often linked to the domain name or the name of the host;

The identifier : this is usually your username at your host;

The password : the access code to the server to keep out of sight;

With these 3 informations, you just have to install the FTP client of your choice.

How to install WordPress at my host?

The installation procedure is as follows:

You must download WordPress on your computer and unzip the archive;

Using an FTP client, send all files and folders to the root of your host. According to the hosts, it is either the file /wwwor the file /public_htmlor /web;

Then (or just before), you must create a MySQL database and a user for this database at your host, if it did not do it for you. Note this information:

Your username for the database

The name of your database

The password to access it

It is recommended to choose the encoding utf8_general_ci.

Now you are ready to finalize the installation: enter in your browser the domain name of your site ( or the following address directly:

In the next screen, just click Let’s go . You will then need to enter information about your database, as seen above. The host of the database is usually localhost, if not, see the information of your host.

Fixed by default wp_, the prefix of the tables in the database must be modified by the one of your choice as a security measure. Some letters (not accented) and / or numbers are enough, without space, but with the underscore at the end;

Then define the title of your site, then your username (username) and your password to access the site. These two informations are personal to you. Never share them (if necessary, create another user when the time comes). As a precaution, do not take admin as username, that’s what hackers test first;

And that’s it, WordPress is installed!


Afterwards, you will be able to login to your admin panel by entering the following address in your browser:

5 Steps to Create a Site with WordPress in Simplicit

Local installation, what is it?

It may be useful to keep a functional copy of your site, especially to test a new theme or extensions, before installing them in production – ie running on your site. The local installation is done on your computer, but only you can consult the site.

Software such as WAMPServer (for Windows) or MAMP (for Mac) allows you to simulate a server on your computer. There, no need for FTP, the installation of WordPress is done by simply copying the WordPress files in the appropriate folder.

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