Window Tinting – The Mix Between The Art Of Tinted Windows And Urban

      Although the size of the buildings is increasing day by day, the beauty of some of these concrete jewels left something to be desired. It was without counting the advent of solar films and the installation of window tint Spring TX for buildings. Since this emancipation, many buildings have redone a youth while newborns also take a protection and resistance to any test: sun, thermal insulation, ice breakage … so many misdeeds that are avoided by the installation of windows tinted for glazing by professionals.

Production presentation in tinted glass film

Today, we invite you to admire six of the most beautiful photographs of window tint Spring TX glass buildings, most of which are near La Defense or even at La Defense (Paris suburbs) by one of the most surprising and sharp moment:

After viewing this series of photographs, you are well aware of the usefulness, both aesthetic and practical tinted windows for building (buildings, glass, verandas, houses or apartments). From thermal insulation to protection against theft or the harmful effects of the sun, the shade for home or office glazing allows you to add a touch of great design, combining business with pleasure.

Contact the company of installation of tinted window film closest to you, specialized in the installation of shade for glazing, at your residence or for your company.

Installation of tinted sunscreen for conservatory            

In the veranda, tinted films are also a good idea

The glazed surfaces of a veranda have a magnifying effect. They concentrate the heat in summer, and the air becomes unbreathable. To limit the furnace, the good idea is to have a UV protection film installed.

The veranda has become for twenty years, a living room very popular with the French. Located between house and garden, it allows to enjoy from the first sunny days the benefits of the sun in the greatest comfort. But when summer arrives for good, it quickly becomes a real furnace. No mystery: the glass surfaces of the veranda accelerate the heating effect. In summer, during the day, the temperature often reaches the peaks … more really pleasant to live!

To limit the typical greenhouse effect of any veranda, there is a simple and aesthetic solution: the solar protection film. This type of film has the advantage of maintaining the transparency of the glass to continue to enjoy the garden, while stopping the UV responsible for the vertiginous rise in temperatures. The other advantage of ultraviolet-tinted films is that they hold the glass in place in case of blow and shock. With a sunscreen film, the glass does not flake.

At window tint Spring TX, tinted films come in many colors (yellow, green, bluish, gray, mirror …), and in a great variety of intensity of hues. You choose your shade from our sunscreen films to make exactly what you need. For example, some windows on the street side can be tinted more intensively or in effect mirror outside to stop prying eyes while glazing side garden can be made more transparent.

To put tinted films on the windows of your veranda, just make an appointment with the nearest Tinted Center. One of our installers will come to your home to do the installation without dismantling or heavy work. All sizes of glazing are possible since our solar protection films are cut to the demand, tailor-made.

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