Voluntary Medical Insurance (VHI)

Voluntary medical insurance is a modern way to get quality multidisciplinary medical care. You can issue a VHI policy at any office of Bupa-Medical.

The medical insurance policy is one of the components of the corporate culture that plays an important role in finding a job. This insurance in the social package is beneficial to both the employee and the employer.

VHI can be divided into individual insurance (the insured is a natural person) and collective, when the employer prepares a VHI for employees of his organization (the insured is a legal entity).

The policy of the VHI Company “Bupa-Medical” provides:

A wide range of medical institutions: our contractual base covers almost the entire territory of Russia – about 8,000 contracts in more than 300 cities, including specialized, multi-disciplinary, private, departmental health facilities;

Direct access of the insured person to selected medical institutions;

A wide range of paid services under the insurance program, including modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods;

Consultations in leading specialized clinics and institutes;

Round-the-clock support of the insured person by the Federal Medical Contact Center.

Bupa-Medical protects the interests of insured persons and constantly monitors the quality of the services provided in the field of medicine.

Advantages of LCA over CHI

Choose a voluntary health insurance program according to your needs: you determine the scope of services and the institution.

Treatment in the best clinics of Russia, including private and departmental institutions.

Guaranteed timely qualified assistance.

Excellent service and saving your time: no queues and optimal treatment time.

VMI specialized insurance products:

“CWG Health Protection”

The RGS Health Protection insurance program is a convenient and simple solution for health insurance in the event of its deterioration as a result of an injury that occurred for any reason during the insurance period.

The RGS Health Protection insurance policy will help you get:

  • Primary health care on an outpatient basis in emergency and emergency forms,
  • Emergency and emergency inpatient care (no more than one hospitalization).
  • The sum insured is 200,000 rubles.
  • Insurance premium – 2 000 rubles.
  • The policy is valid throughout Russia.
  • Persons from 0 to 74 years old are accepted for insurance.
  • Term insurance – 1 year.
  • “CWG Tick Protection”

This program provides measures for the prevention and treatment of diseases caused by tick bites. “CWG Protection against ticks” includes outpatient, inpatient, and rehabilitation assistance. Unlike the OMS policy, the LCA with the “CWG Protection against Tick” program includes:

  • Laboratory research,
  • Emergency seroprotection with immunoglobulin,
  • Observation by a specialist
  • Hospitalization with full medication provision.
  • More about the program
  • “CWG Health”

Acute illness, exacerbation of chronic pathology, poisoning, trauma – these and other conditions require medical care. It can be obtained under the policy of the LCA with the program “CWG Health” in the appropriate medical institutions. Several insurance programs, including Dental Aid and Emergency Aid, allow you to select the best conditions.

Advantages of LCA in Bupa-Medical

Reliable protection of health in a large Russian insurance company for you, your relatives, children and employees.

You can buy a voluntary health insurance policy at an affordable price at any office in our wide regional network.

Support for the insured in the “24/7/365” mode and the organization of medical aid throughout the country.

A wide range of specialized programs under the VHI policy for individuals and employees of organizations.

The policy of voluntary medical insurance in the company “Bupa-Medical” provides high-quality medical services:

  • Ambulatory;
  • Hospital treatment;
  • Dental care;
  • Ambulance and emergency care.

How much does VHI cost

The cost of the VHI policy depends on a number of factors, and the following aspects affect its pricing:

The list of services included in the insurance program: receptions of specialists, diagnostic measures, hospital stays, emergency call or home doctor, etc. The more conditions there are, the higher the cost of voluntary medical insurance for an individual.

Selected list of medical institutions, their quantity and price level.

Personal data of the insured – gender and age.

State of health: the presence of serious chronic diseases will increase the cost of a voluntary health insurance policy.

The scope of the insured, occupational hazards, the likelihood of developing occupational diseases.

The period of validity of the VHI policy: the shorter the term, the higher the cost of health insurance per monthly service.

The range of services and insurance program conditions vary. Service of the company “Bupa-Medical” always remains at a high level.

The cost of the VHI insurance policy for individuals is fixed and does not imply additional costs. This means that you only need to buy a medical policy once.

You can be sure of the stability of the contract: the quantity and quality of the services provided will remain unchanged throughout the term of the voluntary medical insurance policy

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