Types Of Property Valuation

In general, an independent valuation of property can be divided into several types, according to the belonging of a property to one category or another. This criterion affects the cost of property valuation services: the larger the object, the higher the price of its assessment. Also, the type of property affects the specifics of transactions: legal support for the transaction can be provided by our company Hold-Invest-Audit. Independent property valuation is divided into:

Evaluation of residential real estate, which includes the assessment of apartments, summer cottages, cottages, shares in the apartment, rooms, rental rates for transactions for the delivery and rental of residential real estate and any other residential property;

  • Assessment of property complexes of industrial buildings, which include factories, hangars, warehouses;
  • Assessment of construction in progress;
  • Assessment of built-in premises (for example, retail and office premises);

Land valuation:

Independent assessment of the market value of any property must be carried out by competent specialists. It is up to the professionals of our company, Hold-Invest-Audit, to evaluate the value of any property. Making a deal with us, you get a quality service, the price of which fully corresponds to the content.

Features of property valuation:

The property valuation work includes several stages, which allow to form a complete picture, to clearly determine the value of the property, so that its price meets the requirements of the market. Stages, which includes an independent assessment of the property:

Comparative analysis, which allows to obtain an assessment of the market value of the property complex of the enterprise, as well as to evaluate the residential property or other types of property. The valuation of the market value of the property is of key importance in the entire appraisal process: it is this indicator that the appraiser relies on when drawing up the final report on the results of the appraisal, calculates the value of the property about the purchase and sale transaction;

Inventory assessment, which helps determine the amount of work needed to restore the property, also analyzes the price. This stage is especially relevant for the evaluation of property complexes of enterprises, where the degree of depreciation of equipment and other tangible property plays a crucial role, determines the value of the object and the outcome of the transaction. The data obtained in the course of the inventory valuation will affect the final valuation of the market value to which the property corresponds, and key aspects of taxation;

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The definition of the investment value of the property complex, which shows how attractive this investment is from the point of view of profit. The cost of the object can grow significantly if this stage shows that it is profitable for the investor to buy or invest in your enterprise that the price will pay off within a short period. The most typical investment value is for property complexes of enterprises, but a residential real estate object can also act as an object of valuation, since an apartment can be purchased for the purpose of making a profit from transactions on leasing it.

According to the results of the property valuation, the appraiser compiles a report combining the market, investment value of the object, as well as the assessment of equipment wear. Based on this report, it is possible to reasonably establish the value of the property that suits both the seller and the buyer. The market value is the most important: it is this indicator that determines how attractive and competitive the price of the property is, how successful the transaction will be.

Property valuation services in our company:

If you need to assess the value of the property complex, the price of residential real estate and other types of property, we are ready to help you! Our specialists are not only highly qualified appraisers, but also have extensive experience that helps to understand even the most unusual tasks in property valuation. In order to order our property valuation service, you only need to use the convenient order form on our website. The price of the service may vary depending on the specifics of each client. To clarify the cost of evaluation, order a callback on our website. Our specialist will be ready to advise you on this and other issues. The price of the property will fully comply with the realities of the real estate market and you will be able to carry out any transaction with it without any particular difficulties.