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For most people, a mortgage is one of the biggest lifetime commitments. But you do not have to commit to life with a mortgage provider. Monogamy is irrelevant when it comes to borrowing money.

Why think of changing suppliers? (Potential benefits)

What may seem like minimal differences in interest rates or repayment options can actually be a large sum of money in the long run, up to tens of thousands of dollars or even more. Sometimes the savings will be a consequence of a lower interest rate, while other times it will be because of favorable early repayment options.

When the term of your mortgage is about to expire, you should receive a renewal notice. Do not think you have to renew for the same term or with the same supplier. Shopping could save you thousands of dollars.

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For example, someone who still has a $ 400,000 mortgage to pay at the end of their five-year term on an original 25-year mortgage could save more than $ 4,000 over the next five years if they finds a mortgage at 3.25% interest rather than 3.50%.

Possible consequences and additional costs

When you change lender, you have to fill in a new application. There may be associated costs, such as the release fees of your former lender, appraisal fees for the new lender, legal fees, and so on. If you have what is called a collateral dependent mortgage, the process is more complex and the costs for changing lenders will be slightly higher than for other types of mortgages.

It is important to check if the potential new best Texas mortgage lender can cover some or all of these fees and costs. In all cases, you will need to compare the costs to the savings.

If you want to change lender during your term

For a closed mortgage, this means that you break your current mortgage contract.

In this case, there will be a penalty and the amount of this penalty may be high enough to negate the potential savings in interest. The consumer agency Financial Canada explains here how to estimate the penalties for early repayment of a mortgage.

It is important to shop

The interest rate is not the only thing to consider when shopping for the best deal. Some mortgages with the lowest interest rate on the market may not allow you to accelerate your payments as much as mortgages with a slightly higher interest rate. If you think that you may be in a position to repay the balance of your mortgage faster than the expected payment schedule, then you will have to pay special attention to the prepayment options.

Many people will turn to a mortgage broker to help them, since that is what they do: mortgage negotiations, refinancing and changes of best Texas mortgage lender. Others will prefer to be their own captain. It is important to shop periodically for the duration of your mortgage. Since this is a very long-term commitment, there may be several savings opportunities by changing the lender (or renegotiating your contract with your current lender).

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