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You are enrolled in PhD at Rennes 2 University. As of now, your subject is registered in STEP (Theses reporting in preparation) which you can consult below via

As a PhD student, you will become a PhD student. This implies that you have moral rights and economic rights which you can see in the code of intellectual property .

Note however that as an author you also have a number of homework. In particular, you have moral responsibility for the content of your work, as well as the responsibility for the payment of copyright and related rights for the documents used in your thesis. For more information on this topic: Copyright and the Internet (Educnet website)

The writing and defense of a Thesis Writing Help involves a certain number of constraints and rules to be respected. The following pages have been written to assist you in these steps.

Presentation of the thesis

For better readability of the document, and to facilitate future printing and uploading, it is important to consider the following information:

Standard format

Font size: 12 points on average (tip: preferably use Unicode and free fonts)

Minimum line spacing minimum

Left and right margin: 2.5 cm minimum

Margin height: 1.5 cm minimum

Low margin: 2 cm minimum

Physical presentation

Transparent plastic cover

Binding without spiral

A4 paper, weight of 80g

Presentation of the text

Justified text

Continuous numbering of pages from the title page to the end of the book, regardless of the number of volumes Thesis Writing Help

Writing back, unless voluminous thesis

The component part

It is strongly recommended to use a style sheet for the writing of your thesis, downloadable from the Lyon 2 site below: Lyon 2 style sheet .

Cover and title p

UBL cover template

The cover template recommended by the UBL is now available in Word, Open Office and InDesign format, with 2 font choices:


Conduct ITC (Word , Open Office )

To realize your coverage, you can consult an explanatory example , and a finalized realization

UBL Title Page Template


Title page template Université Rennes 2

Co-tutelage title page templat

Required information :

the mention of belonging to the University Bretagne Loire mentioned as follows:



Under the seal of the Bretagne Loire University




the name of the institution awarding the doctorate and the name of the doctoral school





Doctoral School – Humanities and Social Sciences





Doctoral School – Arts, Letters, Languages

University Renns 2


In the case of an international cotutelle of thesis, mention the name of each institution.




Research Unit

the type of doctorate

the disciplinary field in which the

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the title of the

LinkedIn Profile Writing or the title of the main worksThe choice of the words of the title is particularly important, all these words being indexed systematically in the catalogs and

data base

first names (lowercase) and names (in capital letters) of the author

The administrative rule is that the patronymic name, followed by the usual name, should first be used, whether it results from marriage or filiation. Both names are indexed and searchable in theses catalogs and database

Mentions “wife”, “spouse” “said” or “born” should not be used.

So that there is no possible confusion between the names and first names of the author, all the names must appear in capital letters

the first names and names of the research director

If there are two directors, first mention the principal. For theses that are supported in the framework of an international cotutelle, use a slash “/” to separate the two supervisors.

the possible tomaiso

the date of defense if it is final

the composition of the jury

the names and surnames of the members of the jury

Foreword and thanks

They come directly after the title page and serve to detail the framework and approach chosen by the author for his study.

The works or extracts of works by a third author are the subject of a specific formatting (font different from that of the text, in italics for example) intended to promote the management of the rights of diffusion (in particular in the frame of integration of images).

Short quotes can be in the body of the text under the same typography, enclosed in single quotes. Long citations should be set back from the text and followed by their bibliographic reference in parentheses:

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