Subway Surfers is an arcade-style role-playing game with colorful graphics. Thanks to the Bluestacks emulator, this mobile app is playable on a PC. It is lightweight and does not require a powerful machine to operate. This game is easy to handle. subway surfers game free download for pc Embodying a runner, the user is led to run in the subway to bypass the police chasing him. He will be able to take one of the three proposed characters that are Jake, Tricky and Fresh.

Main features

In Subway Surfers , the police. He can use several tools like the jetpack or the super sneakers to gain the most. The game incorporates are intended  We can mention trees, trains to come or bumps. The Gamer will then have the power-ups. subway surfers game free download for pcintegrates a sharing module offering the player the possibility to share his maximum scores on social networks. Like on Facebook, the Gamer will be called to accept challenges or to launch them.

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Download subway surfers game free download for pc

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Subway Surfer, the popular infinite racing game has broken the record of popularity of other similar game such as: Angry Birds and Temple Run 2. Designed by Kiloo and Sybo SubWay Surfer remains in high demand. This game includes 3D graphics with very good sound effects Android users can download it for free from the Google Play Store People being “addict” to this game on their smartphones have requested a PC version. We share this guide with you, so you can download this application without any problems and enjoy Subway Surfer on your PC.

Subway Surfers for PC

The player must constantly run in the subway to score points. As you run you can collect coins that will increase your score. You must run as fast and as long as possible to pick up as many coins as possible and get a high score. Collecting coins makes the game all the more exciting as they allow you to buy characters and boards. subway surfers game free download for pc  The game is based on an infinite racing system and there are many obstacles like trees, bumps and more. You can also get chased by the subway controller and his dog so you will have to run until it disappears. You will also need to avoid the train coming in front. You must stay clear of the obstacles you can find on the rails. There are many boosters and several types of improvements to keep you in the running. The more you run, the more you raise your score. So, the best way to stay in the race is to avoid obstacles. You will find below other interesting features of this game:

  • HD graphics that look classic but are colorful.
  • Sounds that match the mood and the choice of volume change in the background
  • Some characters available for free.
  • Full of easy-to-find improvements that make the game fast and nervous.
  • An infinite racing game with an exciting experience.
  • Challenge or help your friends with the Facebook function.
  • Regular updates that will enhance your gaming experience and make the infinite race more exciting.
  • Dodge arriving trains and experience the thrill of running as your character speeds up.

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