Secret Of Mana – Perfect Action Adventure Game Remade In 3D Available For Free

Description: are you eager to try one of the most beautiful games called Secret of Mana – Perfect action adventure game remade in 3D available for free. In this post you will get all the latest information and answers o your queries.

Secret of Mana game 2018 review:

In case you guys don’t know about. Secret of Mana was originally released back in 1993 and it was certainly one of the most awesome and beautiful game ever made. The fans of the series were eagerly waiting to get a High-Definition version, and by God their wish has been granted big time. Players now can play it in 3D version and everything looks amazing. The game does justice by sticking to its roots and tells a story that players of all ages must experience.

If you got no game to play, then I suggest guys go for this one. The modern players who haven’t heard about it will definitely to need to check it out this action adventure RPG. You don’t to rely on playing same old school shooting and jumping type games. Give a chance a game which is worth a look.

Does Secret of Mana deserve a remastered version?

To put it in simplification yes, the reason behind it is that there are many games out there that slightly look familiar just like this one. But the original can be original one. It also has arranged a totally new musical score with some content along with voice casting. Everything you see in the game has been made from ground up.

What about the story of Secret of Mana game?

In game you have take on the role of a girl named Randi, along with his friends. Together they embark on a journey that takes them to the deep mountains, magical places, and so much more. Just to revive Mana. You are armed with sword and few tricks up your sleeves to kill monsters.

How is the game play of Secret of Mana in HD version?

The game looks slick and immersive both visually and game play wise. The controls are simple and basic to begin with. Players don’t need to struggle so much to learn them. There are some games plays elements has been reanimated and build to make convenient for players who haven’t played it before.

Secret of Mana features to look for on PC:

You can directly download it from, but before you do that you should see the some of the amazing features this new version brings such as,

1) Includes all new DLCs

2) Customizable characters, weapons and so much more

3) Stunning 3D graphics with HD quality

4) Original music intact

Secret of Mana game system requirements for PC:

Here are minimum system requirements for this incredible old school classic you can go for including,

Work great with Windows vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 bit)

Hard Disk: 12 GB

File Size: 5 GB

CPU: Intel Core i3 or better


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