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First of all, we can already say that there are different types of billiard games. Indeed, when we talk about “billiards” without specifying, purists say that it means nothing. There is the French billiards, the billiard US (that is to say, American) and the English billiard (blackball).

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Quality pool sticks: Essential Tips

First, let’s start by looking at the different types of billiards that exist and the major differences between them.

Pool Cue: The American Game

The pool cane has enough space, so we recommend that there is at least 80 cm between the edges of your pool table and the furniture around it. So you can play the best you can and you will love that.

The US play with 15 balls and in addition, a white.

Pool Cue: The English Game

Off the Channel, it’s a game of billiards with 16 balls that we play. With more precisely, 7 yellow balls, 7 red balls, 1 white as well as 1 black.

Pool Cue: The French Game

The French have a particular way of playing with only 3 billiard balls, of a larger diameter.

Pool Cue: Become an excellent player

Finally, on the cue, also called billiard rod, and its different specifics, we strongly recommend you to inquire.

Especially if you want to play well, you should know that you will find a quality pool sticks in various subjects. But also in different sizes.

Indeed, the cues, or billiard rods, can be in a wood that will be designated as noble or graphite.

We know that a wood like maple allows the cues of billiards to be rather flexible. Which is appreciable for the billiards US as for the French billiards.

A cue is not just an accessory. You can buy a pool cue at any price. According to the material obviously. A professional quality pool sticks or billiard rod can also be shorter or longer. 1.40m for French games, same for English but with a smaller diameter. Or 1.47 for American billiards. American billiards

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The tails processes for American billiards vary between 12 mm and 13 mm. Below 12 mm, this requires more precision and makes shots far and shots more difficult effects, because the white deflects more. At the top of 13 mm, it becomes more difficult to reach precisely the target point on the white ball and it is more difficult to transmit effects to the white ball.

Another important factor is that of deflection. The larger the diameter, the more the white ball will deflect from its initial trajectory (an effect on the right will push the white ball to the left), but the smaller the diameter, the more the white ball will deviate from its initial trajectory (an effect right will deflect the white ball to the right). Playing with a specific diameter is more of a habit. It is therefore a question of finding a diameter with which

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