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The insurance contributions of the vehicle are calculated according to a system of bonus-markup, or bonus-mauls, which takes into account the accidents that the driver declares.

Be careful not to confuse the bonus-mauls car insurance quotes with the ecological bonus, a kind of purchase premium offset by the ecological penalty applied to the most polluting models. The bonus-malus clause is set by the public authorities and applies to all motor car insurance quotes contracts. The principle of the bonus-mauls is very simple. The insured person who is not responsible for an accident benefits from the expiry of his contract of a reduction of his contribution: this is the bonus. On the other hand, the motorist who sees his responsibility partially or totally engaged in a disaster will pay his car insurance quotes more expensive, even much more expensive: it is the penalty.

How do reductions or surcharges apply?

Initially, you are insured at the normal rate that is to say without any bonus or penalty. This is the reference contribution. Then, to calculate your contribution, will be taken into account the losses occurred during the period of one year before two months the annual expiry of the contract. Thus, if the annual term of your contract is January 1, 2018, the reference period for the calculation of your bonuses or increases will be the one between November 1, 20016 and October 31, 2017.

Calculation of the bonus

If you do not report an accident partially or fully liable during the reference period your premium will decrease by 5% compared to your previous year’s contribution. The maximum bonus is 50% of your reference fee. You will keep it after the first responsible accident if you have been at the maximum bonus for at least three years. See also:  Accident: how to complete a report

Calculation of the penalty

For every accident for which you are 100% liable, your contribution will increase by 25%. However, for each accident partially responsible, your contribution will only be increased by 12.5%. The maximum penalty is 350% compared to your reference contribution. If you do not have accidents to your fault two years in a row, you will come back to the base fare. WARNING: in case of change of vehicle, you will keep your coefficient of bonus or penalty.

Which claims are taken into account in the calculation of the penalty?

All claims are taken into account, except:

the losses caused entirely by the fault of one of the victims (ex: a pedestrian threw himself under your wheels, you hit a cyclist having roasted a priority, a car came crashing on yours while it was in parking …) or by the fault of a third party (ex: you make a discrepancy because of a motorist who did not respect a red light, an accident took place because a pedestrian threw a stone on your pare -brise while you rolled …).

Claims where the cause of the accident is an event of force majeure, not attributable to the insured (an unforeseeable and irresistible event such as a storm or a flood)

Damage to your parked vehicle (theft, fire, breakage of ice …) if your responsibility is not engaged.

Auto insurance guide

If you are looking for a guide to car insurance quotes, there is definitely one or more questions that you would like answered. The Internet is the perfect tool to find an answer for auto insurance. Often, the information is not so much in the form of a guide, but you would be surprised to see all the information of good quality found there.

The main source of information for a person looking for a guide in auto insurance is possibly auto forums. On these, you will be able to read the questions that have already been asked and maybe you will find what you are looking for. Of course, this is not a guide, but you do not need a guide if your questions are all found. If you cannot find it, you just have to ask it, too easy will you tell me, you’re right!

So, good luck in your quest to find a car insurance quotes guide and do not forget that we find more information than we think on auto forums.

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