Not so easy to play in front of an audience…

The dream of any music fan is to become stars who perform in the biggest stages of the world and broadcast clips or TV shows that make you dream. We all dreamed one day to be in their place, to be able to sing and play, so to communicate with millions of viewers. Some people have managed to break into the world of show biz, others have not.

In general, it is mostly a question of luck and knowledge. It also takes a lot of time and insight and makes the right encounters at the right times. For those who have not yet realized their dream, there are other areas to try.

Why not play in a subway or public spaces? Once again, a choice is to be made. Which of the two options is the most interesting? The answers, right now!

Play music in the subway

Every year, many music enthusiasts present themselves at the auditions organized by the Escape Metro Accords. Some candidates train with their guitar, others have their eyes riveted in the score. It’s about being able to reveal his talent by performing in front of millions of travelers. So, everyone tries to do their best to be the best. The preparation is hard. You have to memorize all the notes of music, rhythm and nuances to make no mistake. It’s a real audition.

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Note that the RAPT selects candidates for various specialties. So we can do classical music, jazz, pop, rock or soul. Each accredited artist has the right to develop his repertoire. The goal is to please the audience and show what is in the stomach.


Playing music in public spaces

Every day, many musicians and music groups also perform in public spaces such as the department store lobby or on the streets. They come with musical instruments and make a lot of pieces. Even if they are not entitled to an exceptional scene, they do things with passion and seriousness. Each melody is executed with care and with a lot of conviction and pleasure.

They are also free to choose the directory. Thus, any artist finds its place. But whether you’re a hugely talented amateur or an expert who has taken music lessons at a conservatory of music school, the goal is the same. You have to charm the target audience to win a play. We also imagine being spotted…

The advantages and disadvantages of each option

What is the best choice? In fact, subway musicians are much freer. They have the right to the error. Indeed, most travelers have no talent for music. Thus, they do not pay much attention to the notes or the harmony of the chords. In addition, metro musicians have a good opportunity to enrich their experience. Do not forget that people do not come to listen to music or watch you. This is perhaps the worst, it is not a public acquainted with your cause!

To attract their attention and deserve a piece or even a benevolent look, you must give all his talent and use a good vocal technique. Creativity is also important, as is your ability to improvise. But what is interesting is that the chance to seduce a producer is huge. It is possible that one of the millions of travelers is a producer. As a reminder, several artists to name only Zaz, Brune and Dany Brillant have been there. There is also Sirima who sang in the subway before being “spotted” and singing duet with the title “Là-bas” with Jean-Jacques Goldman. But let’s be honest: it’s still rare and these exceptions are not the rule. We return to the first point of this article: it will still need luck and good meetings to get there.

Musicians who perform in public spaces are also lucky to live off their passion. When they are better, people always stop to listen and never remain stingy. The problem is that they face many constraints. For example, it is forbidden to make music on certain places and there are schedules to respect at the risk of being stopped by the police!

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