Making A Loan For A Loan Donor

Want to find out where you can find people willing to get a loan for themselves for a certain percentage? In this article you will find current tips on how to find such an intermediary between you and a banking organization.

When may a credit donor be required?

Today you can meet a lot of people who need help in obtaining a loan. The reasons for this may be very different:

  • The need to urgently get money without walking on the banks,
  • The inability to provide an income statement,

Lack of formal employment

Bad credit history, etc.

More often than not, there is not one, but several factors at once that significantly reduce a person’s ability to independently get the necessary amount in a financial organization. Absolutely all banks check the credit dossier and documents of their potential customers, and if something alerted them, then you will immediately be refused.

The combination of these factors imposes on the borrower the need to seek help from other private people or companies who are ready to take on your credit obligations for a rollback. As a rule, they call themselves “donors.”

That is, your interaction will be based on the following scheme:

  • You find a person who is ready to apply for a loan,
  • Sign an agreement with him, where all the nuances of your cooperation are written,

The donor turns to the bank, signs the loan agreement, receives money, and gives you the amount that was negotiated in advance. In this case, you immediately pay him a percentage for his work. Very often a real borrower, i.e. you are asked to become a co-borrower or guarantor,

Then you make monthly payments for this person, pay off your debts and disperse on this. If you do not fulfill your obligations, the donor will have the right to apply to the courts in order to oblige you to pay the loan.

And remember!!! Before you take out a loan, think 10 times and apply once. Carefully read the terms of the contract, today if you are offered a loan with a rate of over 20% – this is an obvious robbery. Look for the best deals. They are, they must be sought. And do not forget to read this note before submitting applications: When can I take a loan, and when can I not take it? , it will help you not to make serious mistakes!

How to find a loan donor?

Such services today are widely spread due to the large debt load of the population, and the increasing increase in overdue debts. The most popular “credit donors” are in Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Ufa and the major cities of Ukraine.

Your sequence of actions when searching for an intermediary:

  • Find online ads for a loan in your area;
  • Carefully review the options available, select the most suitable for you on the conditions;

Check your chosen people through the FSPP website, i.e. federal bailiff service, more on this here If the donor has already existing overdue debts, then it is better not to contact him;

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