How to Find Work Without Experience?

Not easy to have something to value on your resume when you do not have significant work experience. Young people looking for internships, young graduates, atypical profiles … Several types of candidates can be in this case. Still, there are tips to work around this problem. Discover our tips!

Any experience is good to take

You do not have at least 6 months of business experience? You only have small jobs in Pakistan to put forward? You have any experience, you have coached a sports team, you have been a scout, you have conducted a school project or have participated … Now, all will be to take advantage of these, to learn from and learn from what they have brought you in terms of maturity for example.

Know how to intelligently enhance your hobbies, your passions

All leisure, all passion, all associative engagement can be valorizable on a CV, still it is necessary to know how to do it well. Similarly, not all hobbies are good to mention. Also, put yourself in the place of the employer. For example, your sport will be of great interest to the manager of a sports shop or sports equipment manufacturer … Your taste for DIY and crafts can be a hit with a construction industry or craft industry. Your command of a language and the trips you have made will be useful to mention if you are looking for a job internationally or in a large group. In short, select the hobbies that will be useful depending on the company you are applying for and the job you want.

Fill in the “Experiences” section of your CV differently

First, select only the experiences that will be of interest to the recruiter. If you do not have any, put in this section your experiences outside work: projects carried out in the school, associative, sports, staff … Those who have mobilized skills and / or special qualities that can be useful in the professional setting. So, instead of heading this section “Professional experiences”, name it all simply “Experiences” for example.

Highlight your training path

Failing to judge your experiences, the recruiter will focus on your degrees and your training course. So you can put them first on your resume if it is relevant: that is, if you have diplomas, titles, qualifications or certifications to put forward. If this was not the case, mention your qualities first, or your non-professional experiences by obviously associating them with the skills they allowed you to mobilize.

Promote transposable skills

If you do not have any experience in the sector in which you are applying, or if you have only practiced summer jobs in Pakistan (harvesting, factory, catering, open-air centers …), it is important to identify the skills and / or or qualities that you have mobilized during these because they could be transposable in your future job. For example: respect of deadlines, teamwork, respect of constraints or strict specifications, supervision of children, organization of the day … All elements that you can put forward in the CV, the letter of motivation or during the interview.

Think about soft skills

As opposed to “hard skills”, measurable technical skills, soft skills are human qualities, well-being. They are generally little valued in France during the application but play a key role in the choice of a candidate. They are for example: the sense of relational, adaptability, listening, creativity, pedagogy, empathy, stress management … They can be put forward by being associated with off-work experiences (sports, other leisure, volunteering, school projects …) either on the CV, in the cover letter, or during the job interview.

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