Interesting Places and Facts and Coolest Things to Do in Cleveland About the City OF Cleveland in The USA.

The population is almost 480 thousand. Located on Lake Erie and the River Kaya hog, it is named after General Cleveland. Previously, it was the center of industry, and after the decline of this industry, medicine, insurance and financial institutions bring the main income to the budget.

The Most Interesting

The city has many interesting places. We list the main ones. He is a museum. Dedicated to the stars of rock and roll. Cleveland is considered the birthplace of this direction of music, since it was there that the first specialized radio (WMMS) was opened and DJ Alan Fried worked, offering the name rock ‘n’ roll. Museum of Art. World-famous exhibits collected here, representing Asian and Egyptian art. The collection has more than 45 thousand exhibits. The museum fundamentally (as has traditionally been the case) does not charge for a visit. Perhaps it is precisely because of this that about 600 thousand visitors visit the museum every year, making it the world’s leader in attendance. Music is Coolest Things to Do in Cleveland.

Great Lakes Science Center, Great Lakes Science Center. This is the center of popularization of science and technology. Family visit oriented, incl. children age 5-10 years. Most of the exhibits can be touched, twitched, turned on and understood how it works. The museum includes a cargo ship “William G.

Where to Walk

Street Market “West Side Market in Cleveland”. Since the products in Cleveland stores do not fit into the idea of ​​tasty and healthy food, it is recommended to shop for goods at a flea market. Moreover, this visit is not only tasty and healthy, but also interesting. After all, the market was built at the end of the 19th century. Currently restored. Although the prices for the market are expensive, but the taste is worth it. Italian quarter “Historic Little Italy in Cleveland”.

 In this “Little Italy” you can arrange a feast of the abdomen or visit the art gallery. For example, the Church of the Holy Rosary, built in 1905, is considered a historical heritage. Or the house “Alta House”, opened in 1895. In such houses the Italian communities once settled. There is a place for relaxation in nature, a park named after Tony Brush.

Where to Lead Children

Aquarium “Greater Cleveland Aquarium” is small, but bringing joy to the locals and visitors to the city. There are always a lot of kids who watch the inhabitants of the water element. Adults here are also interested – fish, reptiles, stingrays, amphibians and sharks arouse genuine interest of visitors of any age.

Evening Time Coolest Things to Do in Cleveland

Casino Horseshoe Casino Cleveland. It is an old historical building, so it can itself be considered an architectural monument. Special clothes to enter the institution is not required. In the casino you can not only play, but also have a delicious dinner in restaurants. There are several of them, and some of them have their own food court where you can eat surrounded by greenery. A distinctive feature of the service is a buffet. There are also several bars in which a benevolent, relaxed atmosphere reigns. The staff is professional and polite. Smoking is prohibited. The establishment is definitely worth a visit.

Gastronomic Delights

French cuisine restaurant “L’Albatros Brasserie + Bar”. Here you can have fun with your family, with friends, or come here for a date. The kitchen is located behind the glass, so visitors can watch the cooking process. The bar reigns twilight, a pleasant relaxing atmosphere. Many guests of the restaurant are beautifully dressed and celebrate something. Pleases a large collection of wines. The most colorful cafe waiter is a huge mustache loud-voiced peasant who brings cheeses (each waiter here performs only his task — someone spreads cheeses, and someone potatoes).

 Seafood “Blue Point Grille”. Very decent restaurant, with excellent service and quality cuisine! Excellent seafood and very tasty beer. The people are well dressed, so you should not walk here in tights with bubbles in your lap. The price level is acceptable.

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