How to get Spotify Premium Unlimited

Maybe some people will get confused for different Spotify packages, which users cannot decide on which package will suit them: Spotify for free, Spotify trial, Spotify Unlimited and Spotify premium. We will give a clear explanation of this situation in this tutorial. What’s more, we will discuss on how to get Spotify premium unlimited and let more people enjoy this spotify music easily.

Part 1. What is Spotify Unlimited?

This is the best way to allow the user to listen to music without any interference from ads for $ 4.99 per month, so that the music flowed freely. This subscription was the company’s best-selling option, but now this is excluded. Spotify Unlimited users will not be able to renew their subscription and is transferred to all users of spotify premium, which becomes the best seller. Spotify premium updated also allows users to get the best. Moreover, he can get the same effect from listening to music, which was once granted for an unlimited subscription. Users who now want to sign up for an unlimited account are directed to a 60 day free trial version of the Premium package.


Users must follow the instructions below to get the best result easily. The steps are the same as the premium sign up. And users should search for the keywords “How to get unlimited Spotify” from the relevant country to make sure their domain comes up. General steps are easy to follow, and the user must follow the basic steps below:

Part 2. How to get Spotify Premium Unlimited?

The user must click the Start Free Trial button on the following page:

If the user has a spotify account, log in to the account. Otherwise, create a new account and provide the data:

Part 3. 5 solutions to get Spotify Premium unlimited

To ensure that the user receives the best premium subscription services, that is, the old unlimited package is free. It is recommended to follow the solutions listed below:

A. Facebook appliances

Follow the process to get quick results:

Login to FB account:

Access the main page by clicking the name:

Follow the app path> Music> Spotify to add the spotify browser and FB app:

Refresh the webpage, and then click “Okey, “listen to the music”:

B. iOS technology

Do the following:

Download Spotify Premium for Free app store:

Log in to your account:

Open playlists to continue:

Download playlists to make sure the process ends here completely:

C. android technique

The user must ensure that the process below follows:

Once the spotify application is downloaded and installed, the user must access to change the offline playlist setting in order to start the task completely:

Click the downloaded playlist:

Select offline mode for this particular playlist:

D. Loading songs

It’s easy to follow the process:

The user must download a good quality audio or sound recorder:

Run audio spotify mode:

Run the downloaded program to write:

Play songs from the spotify audio player:

Save downloaded songs as to complete the process:

E. Wallpaper methods

Visit the Spotify website and download the app:

Update spotify account:

Download the app from this comes on the following page:


There is only one way to get a premium account and other ways that have been described by those that users can enjoy music with easily after the end of the trial period. In addition, as described at the beginning there is no other way to get a premium membership for free.

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