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If you are an entrepreneur in 2014, you are probably running a website. Having a high quality web presence is a great opportunity to market your business. However, how to ensure that your website is seen by your potential customers? The answer could be SEO Houston TX also known as SEO.

Search engine optimization is a method that aims to increase the number of visitors to your website. Topics

Create unique topics, titles, and subtitles for each page of your website. On the one hand, you need to get the attention of readers and, on the other hand, these elements are read by search engines and perceived as important information.

The title of the pages appears in the search engine results. The title of the content corresponds to what appears at the top of the content of your page. Both of these are useful for readers and search engines.


Try to predict what are the most searched keywords. There are free analytics tools to help you in this process.

Keep your target customers in mind when writing the content of your website.

Make sure keywords are relevant to the content. Make sure you do not clutter your website.


When using hyperlinks in your content, use terms that capture the attention of readers. Hyperlink to related product pages or complementary businesses.

Strive to get links from external sites to your website; ideally, these should be sites that are well ranked in your industry or region.

Above all, pay close attention to the quality of your content. This will make your website stand out from your competitors and simply encourage other website owners to link to your content.

Other useful tips

Limit images to a minimum because search engines have trouble reading them.

Do a search to find out which social media platforms are affecting your SEO Houston TX

If you are not comfortable with the SEO process, consider handing over the job to an outside professional.

SEO Houston TX is a continuous effort; however, the more you work on it, the better your website will be. It is essential to ensure that the information on your website remains useful and shareable if you want to improve the positioning of your website.

For more information on Search Engine Optimization, visit the Performance Analysis and Websites and Performance Management pages and Performance Management and Web Search Tools on our website.

Organize relevant and useful faceted navigation

The last point not to be overlooked is the faceted navigation. Simply put, these are the sorting criteria relevant to a product typology. Let’s take the example of our ecommerce shop specializing in computing, and the request “hard drive”. Faceted navigation will allow the user to specify his request, by selecting “facets” relevant to his need. This may be :

  • storage capacity (250 GB, 500 GB, 1to, 2to, 4to, 8to …)
  • the type of hard disk (SATA, SSD, IDE …)
  • the size of the hard drive (2.5 inches, 3.5 inches …)
  • the brand (Toshiba, Western Digital, Samsung, Maxtor …)
  • the price (less than 50 euros, between 50 and 100 euros …)

These criteria are important because they make it easier to guide the user during his search. As they generally take the data sheets of the products, it will be necessary beforehand to have well defined and informed fields of information for your data sheets. The use of specific filters is also recommended to popularize a range of products, when targeting a large audience that is not necessarily expert in computer hardware. For example, creating a “Type of use” criterion and “Portable PC”, “Desktop PC”, “Server” … filters will make it easier to choose the user according to his needs.

To conclude, it is important not to consider your internal search engine as a simple query tool, without meticulous monitoring. Many merchant sites focus on the ergonomics of their home page or their product sheet, without thinking of the intermediate stage that represents the internal search engine. By balancing the relevancy of the results, the strategy of searchandising and the intelligent use of faceted filters, you put the odds on your side to obtain SEO Houston TX is the best return on investment, and above all to guarantee Internet users a successful shopping experience.

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