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Whatever the store, the latter participates in the style of the general decoration of a room. The proof in pictures.

Japanese panels as a separating part

Japanese panels are not just for filtering light. They are also wonderful room dividers. Modern and refined, these black Japanese panels bring a note of modernity in the middle of this architecture where wood is omnipresent. Their full, openwork vertical stripes amplify the feeling of height while creating a cozy atmosphere to the room.

White blinds uncluttered interior

In this salon, the Scandinavian trend is displayed through a refined decoration and soft colors. Only contrast, the black window frames softened by the choice of white sieving cheap blinds in Houston. A choice of blinds perfectly adapted, which does not detonate with the contemporary style of the room and participates in the desired soothing atmosphere.

Blinds as a skylight

Directly open to nature, this exotic living room is surrounded by a set of blinds plant material painted black. Skylights that assert his style and which, depending on the weather, are open to let the eye get lost on a lush garden while enjoying a light breeze or are lowered to protect themselves from the rays of the sun or rain.

Combine Roman blinds and curtains

We do not think about it enough but the cheap blinds in Houston go very well with a pair of curtains. And this whatever the style approached. This show is a good example. Reflecting a rather classic style, the windows were dressed with boat shades framed by pearl gray curtains falling to the ground to give an impression of height. A particularly successful association for a chic and cozy decoration style.

Japanese panels as a separation

If Japanese panels dress more often the windows, they are also marvelous movable partitions to divide a room in two. Here, in order not to create a certain monotony and because they are sieving, the movable partition consists of fabric sections alternating patterns and solid color in order to establish a decorative rhythm and a certain luminosity captured by the silver drawings.

Venetian blind, creator of atmosphere

If, generally, we choose a shade of the same color as the walls so that it is based in the decoration, it is also wise to opt for a contrasting color smoothly that will give a certain rhythm to the general architecture of the piece. Just like this living room for which we opted for a blue Venetian blind that contrasts with all the neutral tones but reminiscent of the horizontality of the coffee table while punctuating the wall space.

Shades white boats for classic decor

In a classic lounge, boat cheap blinds in Houston are probably the most suited to style. In this salon, we favored a fine canvas model that filters the light while protecting the vis-à-vis. Combined with the frames of the white painted windows, their simple and chic look is enhanced while contributing to the elegant atmosphere of the room.

The occulants blinds as a door

Blackout blinds are not just for creating darkness in a room. It is possible to divert them from their function to turn them into dressing room doors. An ideal and original solution to save space and give a minimalist note to the room in which they are.

The venetian blinds as a screen

To separate a blind room inscribed in the continuity of another flooded with light without building a partition, it is advisable to opt for a venetian blind that will indirectly separate the two rooms while filtering the light and will show the activities of the occupants. Configured in L, the two pieces were here divided by a wooden Venetian blind fixed to the ceiling and the floor.

Japanese moving partition panels

Originally intended to modulate the space of traditional houses, Japanese panels are today more and more solicit in our interiors where they play the role of mobile partition. Depending on the desired effect, they can hide the light or sift it, as here, where they filter the light while creating an intimate atmosphere and distill a modern exotic style.


The Californian blinds as a wall

Relegated to the meeting rooms and to the 70s, the Californian blind reinvests our interiors. In this studio, it acts as partition between the room and the living room. Practical, the adjustable blades can manage the luminous flux at different times of the day.


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