Gasoline and diesel Car for Rent

As a rule, cars are rented with a full tank of gasoline, and they must also be returned with a full tank. If suddenly you did not have time to refuel and handed over a car with an empty or half empty tank, then you will be charged a significant amount of money: the distributor pours gasoline at their own rates. So in order to save it is worth filling the tank immediately before delivery at the gas station. If you are planning a long trip, it may be worthwhile to choose a car with a diesel engine: renting will cost a little more, but with a long run you can save on fuel.

Rent Price

The base price that the site gives out should not be misleading: it usually includes VAT, minimum insurance and unlimited mileage, but does not include additional fees and payments, often obviousness. Most likely, you will have to pay for rent at the airport, buy additional insurance, pay for exceeding the mileage, if mileage is limited, pay for an additional driver, if you are driving not only, or for a young driver, if your age has not reached the specified milestone – 21 -25 years. Add to this the Car Rental Dubai of the navigator, child seat, the cost of gasoline, car washing, road fees, possible fines – and you’ll get the real price. If damages are detected, you may not be able to return the amount of the deposit. Customers of various companies, even large ones, complain about non-obvious fees and taxes, unaccounted taxes and fines,


This is probably the most important point of booking. Basic insurance (usually included in the Car Rental Dubai price) includes accident insurance, theft, fire and liability insurance. As a rule, a deductible is registered in the insurance: this is the amount you pay if the car is damaged (as a result of a traffic accident, illegal actions by third parties or under force majeure circumstances), the rest will be paid by the insurance company. Please note: the basic insurance does not include damage to the glass, wheels, interior, roof and bottom of the car, so with the slightest chips and scratches you may be charged extra. To avoid trouble, you can immediately buy full insurance, which includes all types of damage, or choose a cheaper option: Buy insurance for reimbursement of a franchise from a third-party insurance company (for example, from Worldwide Insure or Quester Insurance) – pay about € 3 per day and not worry. If you plan to travel long and hard, it makes sense to buy one-year insurance.

Fear of a marketing case

Find out in advance how you should act in case of an insurance case: find out the sequence of actions from the insurance company, write down contact numbers, and print a list of necessary documents. Also, learn the rules in case of an accident in the host country – in some countries you should not call the inspector, if no one was injured, in Austria it is regarded as a false call. You need to learn all the nuances before you go.

The rights

Do I need to get an international driver’s license (IDP) or enough Russian rights? Disputes about this do not subside: some tourists quietly romp around the world with domestic rights and are not aware of problems, others share sad stories and advise to start an IDP. What is the matter? At the level of the law, everything is thought out and understandable. In countries that signed the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic in 1968 (these are almost all EU countries), motorists are allowed to drive under national rights. However, in March 2011, amendments were adopted on the unification of national rights, and the Old Russian laws no longer meet the requirements of the international standard. That is, for a trouble-free journey, you need rights issued after March 1, 2011. But even here there are pitfalls: for tourists who do not have an IDP, many companies refuse to Car Rental Dubai, insurance costs more or does not work at all without an IDP, in case of an accident it is difficult to pay, and in some countries it can even be fined (for example, in Italy there is a penalty of about € 300–500 for the absence of an IDP, although this country has signed the Vienna Convention). The Russian representative office of Hertz strongly recommends obtaining international law for traveling in Italy. The Russian Foreign Ministry advises to have a certified translation of rights in Italian. Therefore, in many cases it is easier to issue an international certificate than to worry about possible problems. If you only have Russian rights with you, it is advisable to have a translation into the language of the host country, certified by the consulate of that country. In a number of states adhering to the earlier – the 1949 Geneva Convention, both international and national laws are necessary. It, in particular, the UAE, USA, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, Iceland, Turkey, Egypt, China, Japan and Australia. Please note: international law without Russian is invalid.

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