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One of the biggest locales is Arabeyes (Khotot) which has a few distinct accumulations of Font Ramadhan for Unix and Windows. As a Unix site, it might be somewhat mind boggling to explore, it has e.g. both more established and more current renditions of similar bundles. Macintosh clients ought to maintain a strategic distance from the more seasoned fonts, which have a few issues for us. It is smarter to go straightforwardly to these bundles:

The ae_fonts, 37 diverse feature or ornamental Font Ramadhan.

The KACST fonts, another bundle of 14, mostly feature, incompletely body-content Font Ramadhan. Neither the ae_fonts nor the KACST fonts have Persian characters. (*)

Nesf2, a solitary Geeza-like font. (*)

Thabit is a “penmanship style” font.

A standout amongst the most fascinating fonts at this site is Naqsh. It is a “total Unicode” Font Ramadhan, that is; it has all the “‘ajami” characters characterized in Unicode, exceptionally valuable for Asian dialects written in Arabic content, and also “expanded Latin”, so it can likewise be utilized for translation purposes, Hausa and so on. (The ae_fonts additionally have translation characters.)

The “Persian fonts” bundle at the FarsiWeb website contains seven font families, a blend of feature and body-content fonts. (*)

A standout amongst the most powerful locales is the B-fonts from Borna-Rayaneih. The website contain twenty-six unique families, for the most part enriching Font Ramadhan. In any situation, it has a (font of the month) choice, where new fonts are included pivot. Some of these are accessible on different destinations too, therefore the Mellel site has a bundle (“Persian Fonts”) with around 50 of these fonts. On the whole, I have noted more than 60 diverse B-fonts recorded at various destinations.

One site that gathers Arabic fonts from different sources is CoolText. It gives a considerable lot of the ae, KACSTS, and B font and other which can likewise be download able from their unique locales. In any case, CoolText unloads the bundles into singular Font Ramadhan. That is extremely helpful for a few fonts that are given uninhibitedly at their starting point, however as Window .exe documents that we Macintosh individuals can’t utilize, subsequently Microsoft ara font and the Kurdish Nefele fonts as of Sweden. Macintosh individuals can download them from here. I have tallied around twelve such fonts not copied somewhere else at this site.

The Khapala Pashto website has 6 fonts for Pashto. It additionally covers European fonts (Latin-1). The fonts website has some broken connections, yet the font can likewise be get at Cool Text.

The site two free. internet has ten “Urdu misc. fonts”, a few copies, 5 or 6 remarkable to this website. Extremely intriguing is the nashkh fonts Riwaaj, which is a complete Arabic Unicode fonts; that is, it covers all Unicode characters in the Arabic content (yet no Western or different contents). It is likewise accessible from GeoCities.

Another extremely intriguing Pakistani bundle is PakType, which is an arrangement of four naskh and “penmanship” fonts. They are likewise “total” Font Ramadhan for Arabic, ajami and European characters (additionally accessible separately at Cool-Text).

The Arabic Book of scriptures venture gives two naskh fonts, Awema and Usama.

From Pakistan Information Administration Administrations webpage it is conceivable to download the PDMC Salem Quran-Font. It just has Persian’s numeral, yet has a portion of the unique images required for the Qur’an (generally for the most part accessible just in the “full Unicode” fonts).

Urdu Web has about 45 unique fonts of various types, however with different issues. Most have name issues (see underneath), others are valuable just for Urdu, not Arabic, but rather a modest bunch are alright. Discernible are two “finished Arabic” fonts which can be utilized for some dialects, Mehfil and Pak Nastaleeq. The latter is I think the main nasta’liq font that really works in each content. Other alright font Arabic are Urdu Naajd; NW-Naskh, Urdu Naqash, and Urdu Nashkh.

The font set apart by * have about minor imperfection, recorded underneath.

Notwithstanding, a few fonts have somewhat significant issues that may confine their use.

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