Bus and Coach Rental Price Guide

Need to transport a large number of people for festivities or a personal event? The simplest solution is to rent a bus or a bus. So all your friends will be in the same vehicle. But there is a regulation to respect and a wide range of rates depending on the type of vehicle Dubai Luxury Bus Rental.

Rent a bus in the rules

Like all drivers of transport vehicles, if you decide to drive the vehicle yourself, you must comply with the regulations: driving time not exceeding 4:30 in a row (three hours at night) for example.

If the vehicle carries more than eight people, the driver must be the holder of the license D. A license B will therefore be useful only to Dubai Luxury Bus Rental with up to eight seats.

It is therefore important to calculate the number of people to bring. Three types of vehicles are available for rent. Buses for more than 35 passengers, medium and mid-size coaches to carry between 15 and 35 passengers and finally minibuses (from eight to fifteen passengers).

As a general rule, and considering the regulations, it is these latter vehicles that are offered for hire without a driver. For a vehicle carrying a large number of people, rental with driver is imperative.

The cost of renting a coach

To calculate the rental price, several factors come into account: number of kilometers, number of days rented, return trip, number of passengers and services on board (car-berth, toilets, mini-bar, television …) not to mention the driver. Generally, the price is submitted as a package: the day, the half-day or for a weekend.

In the Paris region, for example, a half-day package – perfectly adapted to transfers and not exceeding 4 hours – varies between 500 and 600 euros. A rental of a day will cost you 650 euros on average and for a weekend (from Friday 22 hours to Monday 6am), about 3700 euros.

The rent of a minibus is generally done to the number of people. Thus, in Marseille, you can rent this vehicle from 150 euros per person or with a package per kilometer (500 euros for a day and 4 people).

For minibuses without drivers, you can contact rental companies (Rentacar, Fordrent, Sixt …); this rental is from 30 euros.

Choose well, to rent well

Before choosing a professional passenger transport, check the level of comfort of the proposed bus, the place of collection, compliance with regulations. Rent a bus is economical to carry a large number of people.

But beware, if you have to travel a long distance in a small group, this rental is no longer interesting. A car will cost you the same amount whether you are 50 or 15.

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