lt task to organize, especially if you are moving for the first time. That’s why cheap car rental offers you its own

Preparations for your move

Estimate the volume to be moved

Changing an apartment or house can be a difficupractical guide to moving.

First, you need to estimate the number of boxes and the number of furniture and appliances you want to transport. Indeed, if you leave a furnished apartment (or a house), the volume of furniture, cabinets and other moving boxes could vary enormously.

You will be able to appreciate the volume of goods to be moved, and therefore the vehicle template for rent. This information is provided for information only. These may vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle that you will be offered in the agency on the day of your cheap rent a car

Van 3m 3 : Suitable for the transport of small goods or 20 cartons.

Pickup 4-6m 3 : Suitable for transporting major household appliances or many cartons.

7-9m 3 van : To move a studio / F1 or 60 boxes.

Large van 10-12m 3 : To move an F2 / F3 or 90 cartons.

Large van 14m 3 : To move an F2 / F3 or 90 cartons.

Small truck 16-20m 3  : For moving a larger area or 120 cartons.

Truck 20m 3 Hatchback : For moving a larger area or 120 cartons. The hatchback version will simplify the handling of your goods.

If you have any doubts about the size of the vehicle to rent, contact a Rent A Car advisor among our 300 truck rental agencies . They will tell you which utility vehicle is best for your move.

The formalities to be completed

For your move to be done in good conditions, you need to check certain points

Terminate your lease several months in advance

Before moving, you will have to cancel your lease with your landlord or real estate agency. Check your rental agreement for the notice period to write your cancellation letter. Prefer mail with acknowledgment of receipt to a single mail.

Transfer your subscriptions

Contact all your suppliers to specify their next move and indicate your new address. You can contact their customer services or do it over the Internet (depending on the provider).

Raise water meter or electricity meter

Make sure to correctly record the information on your different meters (water, electricity). You will have to do this by leaving your previous home (if you are a renter) and arriving in the new home.

If you do not know which data to recover, we present them on the photos below:

raise your water meter raise his electricity meter

Prepare furniture and various goods for transport

Before you embark on the adventure, make sure you have the “Mover Survival Kit”!

Indeed, you will need cardboard, bubble wrap, tape and other material handling. These elements are on sale in the trade, with our partners or directly in agency. You can also save money by collecting different cartons from your food stores.

Plan several templates of boxes, they will all be useful.

Terminate your lease several months in advance

Before moving, you will have to cancel your lease with your landlord or real estate agency. Check your rental agreement for the notice period to write your cancellation letter. Prefer mail with acknowledgment of receipt to a single mail.

Sort damaged goods

To avoid unnecessary loading of your van or van , sort it out. Discard broken or badly damaged items. Whenever possible, return electrical appliances to the store or specialized collection centers.

Moving furniture

If you have antique furniture, you may not be able to disassemble them. In this case, it will be necessary to evaluate the gauge of each one of them and to envisage the truck or the van adapted to move.

If your furniture is new, disassembly will be faster. Nevertheless, these furniture become fragile quickly. We advise you to transport them in one piece. Feel free to add “painter’s tape” to strengthen the angles. (The painter’s tape will be easier to remove and will leave no trace of glue on your furniture).

If your furniture is removable, be sure to keep all the screws and nuts in a strong bag. You will avoid losing them in the moving van .

Prepare clothe

If you have lots of clothes, fold them carefully and store them flat in bags. You can also put them in garbage bags, to transport them more easily.

When loading the rental vehicle , position your bags of clothing last, above the various moving furniture and boxes.

Prepare your dishes

Collect several flyers and magazines for packing your dishes or bubble wrap. Use medium sized cartons to move your dishes.


When loading the rental truck , position the cartons of dishes first, on the floor and at the bottom of the vehicle.


Moving a library

Use small boxes to move your books. If you use large boxes to transport your books during your move, you will not be able to lift them alone.

As with crockery cartons, you will need to load your book cartons into your rental van first and on the ground.



Carry his household appliances

Before moving your electrical appliances, take the opportunity to clean them thoroughly.


Empty your refrigerator and unplug it a few days before. Leave the door of it open. Refrigerators (fridge) are often bulky. Ask your Rent A Car advisor for the most suitable rental vehicle . Most of the time, you will have to carry your refrigerator while lying down in the van.


When you move into your new apartment, do not connect your refrigerator immediately. Position it in its final room, then wait for the next day to connect it to the power supply.


If you have a dishwasher, a clothes washer or a clothes dryer, just make sure the waste pipes are empty before moving them. This will prevent damage to your other property in the back of the rental van . (tape the different cables and hoses to avoid damaging them during transport).

Store cartons in the main room

To see more clearly, we advise you to store your various boxes, furniture and appliances in one room. You make sure you do not forget anything in the apartment (or home) the day you move.

Moving Truck Rental

Moving alone can be a real ordeal. Contact your friends so that they can help you move. Make sure they are there on the day of the move.

Rent a Car to move to Rent A Car

At Rent A Car, we offer several vehicle templates . If you do not know which commercial vehicle to choose, contact your agency advisor.


Once the van has been selected, book it directly on our rental website , by phone or go directly to the agency.

The handling of a rental vehicle can be difficult to grasp the first time. Askcheap cheap rent a car a car  for advice on the day of departure.

Rent A Car rent a small van to relocate

Return the keys of his old apartment

This is an important step when you move. Make sure you have not forgotten anything in one of the rooms, or in a cupboard.

Clean your apartment before returning the keys

Remember to clean the different parts before returning the keys. If you use cleaning products, open windows and shutters for several hours to remove all odors. Do not use products with “bleach”, they could damage the media.

To make an inventory of the places of exit and to recover its deposit as part of a rental

Before taking the keys to the moving van, you will need to return the keys to your old home. Make an appointment with the owner or the agency to proceed to the inventory of places of exit in which will be notified any damage.

Your former owner has afew months to return the deposit you left in your previous move. Do not hesitate to raise it as often as possible.

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