Prison: Daily Life Of An Inmate

Verified: 06 February 2018 – Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

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The rights and duties of the detained person are set by the prison regulations. The detainee has the right to visit and correspondence. He can also cheap inmate calls outside. These rights may be restricted if the detainee is in custody.

In each prison, a regulation determines the rights and duties of the prisoners. It is made available to the media library of the institution.

The main provisions are included in a guide [application / pdf – 3.6 MB] delivered upon arrival. If the prisoner does not know how to read, the rules of procedure must be read to him in his original language, with the help of an interpreter if necessary.


Right of visit

Every sentenced person has the right to receive visits from his family or his guardian at least once a week

Other visits may be allowed if they appear to contribute to his reintegration. For example, a prison visitor .

Anyone visiting an cheap inmate calls must obtain a visit permit. To obtain it, it is necessary to fill the cerfa form n ° 13960 * 01.

The request must be sent by mail with:

Exhibit justifying his kinship or his situation

Photocopy of an identity document

2 photos of less than 3 months

Envelope stamped at the current rate with your name and address

If the prisoner is a convict, the request should be addressed to the prison director. If the director does not respond within 2 months, the visit permit must be issued.

Where to go?

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If the sentenced person is hospitalized, the permits are issued by the prefect.

General case (active)

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Where to go?

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The decision is notified to the person who applied for the permit.

A minor under the age of 16 who visits someone in prison must have the authorization of a person with parental authority and be accompanied by a person of full age, who is also the holder of a visit permit.

A minor over the age of 16 may come without an accompanying person if the holders of parental authority have given their written consent and if the visit concerns a parent.

Permits are issued on a permanent basis or for a limited number of visits.

Progress of the visit

Visits usually take place in the parlor without a separation device.

The visitor is checked (ID, metal detector) and must deposit his personal belongings in a deposit. It can bring some objects (linen, books ….) Whose list is to ask the establishment.

During the visit, the supervisor is not required to be physically present, but must be able to hear the conversations.

The visitor must speak in French or in a language that the supervisor can understand.  Otherwise, prior written authorization is required from the prison director. The application must be made at the same time as the visit permit.

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