WAXING OF THE JERSEY The Depilation Of The Jersey

Is a common practice these days. According to a survey conducted by Ifop, nearly one in two French women under 25 (45%) thus epilates the shirt in its most radical form, by completely epilating the pubic hair.

The range of our motivations and our needs being relatively broad, several forms of epilation jersey are presented to us : complete jersey (total hair removal), in ticket of subway, American, Brazilian … The pallet of the forms available for s hair removal is so varied that each of us is necessarily his account.

On a technical level, definitive hair removal methods such as laser or pulsed light are particularly effective in this area of ​​our body, but traditional methods such as Brazilian Wax tweezers and / or razors remain always the most used. On the other hand, whatever the depilatory technique chosen, it must be borne in mind thatthis particularly sensitive area of ​​our body must be treated with care in terms of hygiene , otherwise “hello sadness”: redness, small red pimples, infections ( folliculitis in particular) and othe


Here is a description of the forms of depilation of the jersey – more or less indented – which are the most requested and most commonly practiced in beauty institutes or aesthetic doctors / dermatologists


Hair removal of the simple jersey – called “classic” – is the most basic form of pubic hair removal. This practice involves removing all pubic hair that protrudes from the panties, ie those that are on the upper thighs and outside the pubis.


Intimate epilation “bikini” type consists of removing as many hairs as possible near the jersey, while leaving the pubic hair and lips in their place. This type of hair removal, more pronounced than conventional hair removal, is ideal for those who wear panties or swimsuits a little indented.


The depilation of the “Brazilian” jersey appeared with the fashion of the wearing of thongs and other Brazilian tangas, hence its name. This depilatory technique involves drawing a triangle on the front of the pubis and leaving only a tiny band of hair around the lips. Some women nevertheless prefer a more radical hair removal, by dehairing all the hair that runs from the labia to the anus, leaving only a small triangle on the pubis, above the vulva. Brazilian Waxing Near Atlanta GA


As its name suggests, intimate Brazilian Wax “metro ticket” looks like Sesame that allows us to take public transport. Common form taking the appearance of a horizontal band, only the hairs that are located on the front of the pubis are preserved, the sides and the labiae are for their part completely depilated. The result is clean and very practical for maintenance, while remaining simple.


Small variant of the intimate Brazilian Wax “metro ticket”, the depilation of the “American” jersey leaves only a very thin band at the pubis, of the order of a few millimeters, and rigorously no hair lips to the anus. This type of hair removal has been called because of the great success it has had with our American sisters for decades.


Second variant of hair removal in “metro ticket” but more fun this time, intimate “personalized” hair removal gives free rein to our imagination: star, flower, heart, arrow or sparkling … Pink, green, blue, red, orange … This type of hair removal is ideal for a little surprise to our partner and to chew up our long winter evenings! A small downside however: for an optimal and irreproachable result, it is better to address a professional than to launch alone in the adventure.


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