Assessment Of The Property Complex

The objectives of the assessment of the property complex:

The market value of the property complex can be used as an indicator of the effectiveness of its management and, as a result, an increase in the efficiency of its management.

Making sales transactions. The presence of a report by an independent appraiser will make it possible to certify to persons whose interests may be affected by the transaction (shareholders of the enterprise, the parent organization, government agencies) that the sale and purchase transaction was conducted in good faith, each participant in the transaction acted in the interests of its part and was aware of the real market situation, the real market value of the object of sale and the cost of similar objects.

The report on the assessment of the property complex has a large weight in disputes with the tax inspectorate when it comes to the correctness and completeness of the calculation of taxes. Such a report has the status of an official document of evidentiary value and can be used in court.

Assessment of the property complex for the purposes of restructuring is a necessary prerequisite for fruitful business decisions to change the structure of the assets of an enterprise. Assessment of the property complex helps the management determine the degree of influence of the proposed business development option on its value.

Revaluation of property is a mandatory requirement when a business transitions to international financial reporting standards. Revaluation affects many of the economic and financial parameters of a business, respectively, most realistically shows the state of the enterprise as a whole.

In addition, the assessment of property complexes can be carried out for the purpose of correct reflection in the financial statements; when holding contests, auctions, tenders; when transferring objects in trust and leasing; redemption, confiscation, seizure; liquidation, merger, acquisition; resolving property disputes; transfer of ownership; assignment of debt obligations; making property in the authorized capital; investment design; commercial concession; damage compensation storage, the preparation of marriage contracts, etc.

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 Valuation of the organization:

Anyone who wants to exercise their rights of ownership is puzzled by a multitude of questions, the most important of which is the valuation of the property of an organization.

What do we understand by the assessment of the property of the organization?

Assessment of the property of the organization is a procedure that allows you to determine the market value of inventories. It includes an assessment of real estate, vehicles, investments, intangible assets and others.

The company “Active Business Consulting” will not allow to doubt the decisions made – we will provide only accurate, reliable and reliable data that will help you make adjustments to the development strategy in accordance with relevant and realistic information.

The term “assessment” refers to an independent opinion about the value, which is based on a detailed analysis of the object. Meanwhile, the procedure for assessing the property of an organization is also regulated by law in the process of determining and justifying the price of an object for various purposes in monetary terms. That is, in some cases, the assessment of the organization’s assets is also caused by legislative objectives – for example, during the liquidation of an enterprise. It is necessary to determine the market value of the property and economic goals, expediency – in fact it is often necessary to know the value of not only the market price of the entire business, but also certain elements of the property in order to make confident decisions.